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If you've ever applied for a job, you know how important your educational experience and credentials are. If you're applying to a job in the U.S. and earned your educational credentials in another country, it can be difficult for employers to understand your qualifications.

Our credential evaluation reports can help U.S. employers understand your international educational background. A credential evaluation can give both you and employers the confidence that you are qualified for the position and can fully perform all expected job duties.

You can also add your credential evaluation report to your resume and cover letter to encourage employers review it.

  Step 1 of 3 - Figure out what type of report you need

The most common types of reports used for employment purposes are:

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  • U.S. equivalence for each educational credential
  • Note: This report does not include an evaluation of individual courses, grades, or grade average (GPA).

Price: $100

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Course by Course

If we recommend the U.S. equivalent of university level study, your report will include:

  • U.S. equivalence for each educational credential
  • Credit and grade equivalents for university level courses
  • Grade average for each educational credential
  • Identification of upper-level courses for undergraduate or professional studies
  • General evaluation of high school level credentials (without a grade average), if included for evaluation

If we recommend ONLY the U.S. equivalent of high school level study, your report will include: 

  • U.S. equivalence for each high school credential
  • Unit and grade equivalents
  • Grade average for each high school credential

Price: $195

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ECE® Scholar Profile (For those currently unable to obtain official documents)


A Scholar Profile contains all the information that you would find in a standard ECE® report but is based on the documents that are available to you, including photocopies and scans. A Scholar Profile is intended for use only in cases in which you cannot obtain your official documents. A Scholar Profile is issued one time only; future copies are not available for purchase. Click here for more information. 


  • General Scholar Profile (Price: $85)
  • General with Grade Average Scholar Profile (Price: $110)
  • Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (Price: $155)
  • High School and University Level Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (Price: $190)

View Sample General Scholar Profile Evaluation (PDF)

View Sample General with Grade Average Scholar Profile (PDF)

View Sample Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (PDF)

View Sample High School and University Level Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (PDF)

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orange check mark icon Step 2 of 3 - Review documentation requirements 

Review your specific documentation requirements by selecting your country of education below.


  • If you did not study in the UK but took examinations administered by a UK board, refer to United Kingdom requirements.
  • If you studied for an International Baccalaureate diploma or certificate, refer to Switzerland requirements.

FAQ - What do you mean by "original document"? 

What do you mean by "documents issued in sealed envelopes"? 

green check mark icon Step 3 of 3 - Apply

When you are ready to order a report:

  • Create an account
  • Complete application and submit payment through your account
  • After you order, mail or submit your educational documents according to your documentation requirements

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Need assistance? Check our FAQ page or Contact us. Our friendly customer service staff is available Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Central Time. We do not provide walk-in service. 

H1B Visas

The H1B Visa program allows U.S. employers to recruit and hire international professionals and students to work in the U.S.  

Learn more about reports for H1B Visa purposes.