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ECE® Aid is a charitable initiative developed to provide free evaluation reports for vulnerable and displaced populations.  

While the ECE® Aid program initially launched in August 2016 with the intention of opening the door to education for refugees and asylum seekers, the scope has expanded to include those with temporary protected status, special immigrant status, and those affected by natural disasters or extreme hardship.

Read about some of the people ECE® Aid has assisted.

A donation of $200 covers an entire evaluation, yet even smaller donations of $10 or $5 to ECE® Aid can have a meaningful impact for vulnerable populations most in need. And rest assured, 100% of your donation goes towards providing free credential evaluations through ECE® Aid.

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ECE® Aid Afghanistan Emergency Response

"At ECE, like you, we are following developments in Afghanistan and Haiti. We know that higher education institutions, government entities, and private organizations all make a difference in the lives of those impacted by harsh natural disasters and human-caused calamities.

ECE is taking immediate steps to support its allies in international education and refugee resettlement. We are in communication with participants of the ECE® Aid program who are planning to assist refugees with further education and employment opportunities. ECE will begin by donating 25 fee waivers through our ECE® Aid participants to newly displaced Afghan refugees. These fee waivers will be funded directly by ECE. A senior evaluator who conducted research in Afghanistan will also provide first-hand information to put the current situation in context. Additionally, our research staff are updating and sharing our resources on Afghanistan and Haiti so educational institutions can serve displaced people more effectively.

We encourage everyone to resist the temptation to become numb to the challenges of these times.  What area of expertise can you share to assist? How can we help you as your institution places students or helps refugees find employment? Let’s show our global brothers and sisters they are not alone."

-Margit Schatzman, ECE® President


For more information and resources about international education assistance efforts in Wisconsin and beyond, check out this recent presentation:

How Can We Help (PDF)

Why Donate

A donation to ECE will transform a person in fragile circumstances into an integrated and productive member of society.

ECE selects experienced, trusted agencies and institutions to distribute fee waiver vouchers to qualifying immigrants. ECE does not provide free reports directly to individuals.

Learn more about our participating institutions and organizations.

All monies received will be allocated specifically to reports for the underserved. No donations received will be directed to the general operating fund.

Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE) is committed to assisting as many people as we can through the ECE® Aid initiative. But we need your help! 
Amid COVID-19, U.S. immigration and higher education policies pose even more challenges to global citizens who wish to contribute to society. With your contribution, you can help assist someone seeking to demonstrate the education or licensing necessary to work within the very fields we most desperately need during this crisis.

A gift to ECE® Aid…

  • Opens the door to refugee education and/or professional fulfillment
  • Provides an experienced workforce in high-demand occupations
  • Protects public safety through credential checks
  • ECE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law


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ECE® Aid Stories

Learn about some of the individuals who have been impacted by ECE® Aid gifts.

Tarig's Story

Tarig's Story Image

Determined to provide for his small family, Tarig contacted Upwardly Global, a trusted participating organization of ECE®Aid. They awarded Tarig with an ECE Aid fee waiver, and he has just begun using his ECE evaluation to look for jobs in his profession.  

–Tarig O.

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Lutheran Family Services' Story

ECE helped Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains assist refugees, asylees, and victims of trafficking obtain employment in the United States.  With ECE Aid's help, refugees with master's degrees in Teaching,  PhDs in Civil Engineering, degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences, and degrees in Industrial Design have been able to plan for their futures again.  

- Katy, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountians 

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Rehab's Story

Rehab's Story ImageRehab was awarded a fee waiver through Upwardly Global and received her completed credential evaluation soon after sending her educational documents to ECE. While she job hunts, Rehab has decided to utilize volunteering as her way to master the English language.

- Rehab

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Nidal's Story

Nidal's Story ImageNidal is an agricultural engineer from Syria, who hopes to use our evaluation report to pursue organic farming at Michigan State University.

- Nidal

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Yasmeen's Story

As part of a minority group, Yasmeen along with her husband and two daughters decided they needed to leave Pakistan due to threats against them and safety concerns for their children. After arriving in America, she used ECE to improve her study and work toward become a teacher in America.


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“For 40 years ECE has been ensuring that foreign-educated people are respected and recognized for their educational achievements. In a time of uncertainty and turmoil, we have the opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference in people’s lives and help build a strong, diverse and productive society. Refugees face many barriers as they pursue getting to this country and starting or continuing an education. Waiving fees for credential evaluation is a small piece of the puzzle, but we hope it can be a very welcoming gesture as they start their journeys.”

-Margit Schatzman, ECE president