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Register for your free ECE® Dispatch account

Dispatch is your secure online access to ECE® reports and educational documents in one convenient PDF document. 

And, each Dispatch account includes a customized landing page via the ECE® Select application - making ordering a breeze for your applicants.

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When you register for ECE® Dispatch you get:

  • Online ordering
  • Status updates
  • Ability to manage users and notifications
  • Option to order Exclusive Use Reports
  • Optional official, paper copies of the evaluation report in addition to the online version (for an additional shipping charge)
  • An easy process to connect to your Slate account

What you need to know:

  • Before you begin, be sure you are the right person to create the account.
  • After you create the account you will be asked to confirm that you are an authorized representative of your institution.
  • You will be responsible for:
    • Inviting and managing additional users at your institution
    • Setting up service and notification settings

Contact us if you have any questions along the way.

Ready to get started?

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ECE® Select Application logo

The ECE® Select application starts with a customized landing page for your applicants. Give your applicants the benefit of a streamlined ordering process when they use this dedicated URL.


Additional Benefits:

  • Automatically adds a copy of the report for your institution to the order
  • Ensures that applicants will order only the ECE® reports that you accept
  • Option to brand the landing page with your logo

Each ECE® Dispatch account already includes an ECE® Select application.

Just reach out to your Client Solutions Manager at ECE to get your URL. You may also schedule a walk-through if you’d like.

If you don’t already have Dispatch, it’s easy to sign up. Just follow directions here, or contact our Institution Support Specialists, who are happy to help.