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ECE® provides specific reports directly to schools and organizations. 

If you're a foreign trained dentist, pharmacist, cosmetologist, or a prospective undergraduate student of NYU or Excelsior University, ECE can help.  
Find your situation below and apply for the ECE® report requested.  

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Certain professions in the U.S. may require licensure by a state board before you can practice in the field.  Licensing boards often have an educational requirement for licensure.

If you have studied outside the U.S. and are trying to be licensed, a foreign credential evaluation may help you meet the educational requirements.

We currently provide reports for all those who are seeking licensure as a dentist or pharmacist, and we provide reports for some states for cosmetology and accounting. If you are seeking professional licensure, we recommend you contact your state board to see what type of report may be required.

Review the list below for your unique situation to find the report you need. 


JCNDE logo

American Dental Association/Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations (ADA/JCNDE) 

If you are a foreign trained dentist applying for the NBDHE, INBDE, ADAT or DCLOSCE, you may be required to have a foreign credits evaluation.

NABP logo

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP)

If you are a foreign educated pharmacist and are applying to the FPGEC Certification Program, you need to request an ECE evaluation report. Find out how by visiting the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) page.

Excelsior University logo

Excelsior University

For Excelsior University students seeking international credits for admission into all undergraduate programs, except nursing, see the Excelsior University page. 

NYU logo


For NYU Admitted Undergraduate Students from outside the United States, see the NYU page. If this does not apply to you, login here to order a report. 

CAS logo

Centralized Application Service (CAS)

Applying to programs with a Centralized Application Service (CAS)? Check our CAS list to see if ECE is a provider. If you don't see your institution on that list, then apply through our regular process.