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ECE® Credential Evaluation

A credential evaluation compares academic and professional degrees earned in one country to those earned in another country.

Colleges, universities, employers, licensing bodies, and government agencies use credential evaluations to assess foreign education as part of the admission or hiring process. 

Expert research and more than 400 years of combined experience mean our evaluators give you the most accurate reports.

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Where are you applying? 

Why do you need an evaluation?

ECE’s academic evaluation services have helped over 800,000 individuals receive their degree equivalency since 1980.  Our evaluators have more than 400 years of combined experience to give you the most accurate report based on expert research. Select your reason:

Further Education

Coming to the United States or Canada for undergraduate, graduate, or professional school can be exciting but challenging. At ECE we make the process easier by providing an accurate, comprehensive international credential evaluation.


Getting a credential evaluation from ECE will help colleges and universities within the U.S. understand your educational background. 

Applying to study in Canada? Complete a separate application to receive a Canadian equivalency of your education. 

If you are applying to universities in the U.S. and Canada, ECE offers you a 30% Transnational Discount on the second order!

Special Considerations
For Excelsior University students seeking international credits for admission into all undergraduate programs, except nursing, see the Excelsior University page

For New York University (NYU) Admitted Undergraduate Students from outside the United States, see the NYU page.

Applying to programs with a Centralized Application Service (CAS)? Check our CAS list to see if ECE is a provider. If you don't see your institution on that list, then apply on our website using our standard application. 


Our credential evaluation reports can help U.S. employers understand your international educational background. A credential evaluation can give both you and employers the confidence that you are qualified for the position and can fully perform all expected job duties.

Cosmetology & Barbering

We prepare foreign education evaluation reports for individuals seeking a license as a cosmetologist (including manicurist and esthetician) or barber in the following states: Florida, Kansas (for high school credential evaluations only, not for training/professional certification), Missouri, Pennsylvania, and Utah. If your state is not listed, we cannot prepare a report for you.

In most cases, we recommend a General evaluation report ($100). Please contact your licensing board to confirm what type of report is required.

Professional / Healthcare Licensing

If you have studied outside the U.S. and are trying to be licensed, a foreign credential evaluation report may help you meet the educational requirements. We currently provide reports for all those who are seeking licensure as a dentist or pharmacist, and other fields like accounting.


The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recommends credential evaluation reports for almost all visas requiring applicants to have the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree or higher. If you are applying for an H-1B or a Green Card, you will need a credential evaluation report to meet these requirements.

In most cases, we recommend a General evaluation report ($100). If you are working with an immigration attorney, or a U.S. employer, you should check the exact requirements for your unique situation. During the application, please choose the purpose of Immigration so that we include the necessary immigration cover letter with your order.

Military Service

Do you plan to enlist in the U.S. military? Your recruiter may request a foreign degree evaluation. We can help, whether you are planning on enlisting in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, Coast Guard, or Marines.


According to the U.S. State Department, foreign educational transcripts will not be accepted for federal positions requiring educational transcripts as part of the application. Foreign education (defined as education acquired outside of any state in the U.S., the District of Columbia, Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, or any territory or possession of the U.S.) must be evaluated by a recognized credential evaluation service, like ECE. 

In most cases, we recommend a General evaluation report ($100). If you are working with a recruiter, please contact them directly to confirm what report type is required.

Documentation Requirements

Credential evaluation report documentation requirements vary from country to country. Ours are based on what is most secure and reasonable to obtain in each country. 

Review your home country's documentation requirements before applying for an evaluation report. 

View Requirements


Its a convenient way to get educational degrees and marksheet evaluated as per US standards of education. Service is very speedy and with accurate results.

Simarpreet K.

I needed to validate courses that I took in Mexico to complete my MBA degree. I got very professional and serious attention to my case, it was profoundly analyzed and I got back a certified worldwide valid document of my studies.

Jorge M.

I appreciate that you have great customer service and share the information as soon as possible. Thanks for the great service that you provide!

Merary Z.