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This page is for students seeking international credits for admission into all undergraduate programs, except nursing, at Excelsior University.

Foreign-educated physicians are no longer eligible for admission to the associate degree programs in nursing. If you have any questions, please contact Excelsior University Admissions Office staff at 1-888-647-2388, ext. 2.

Report Types

Excelsior University usually requires that a Subject Analysis report be prepared. You may want to check with your advisor to confirm what type of report is needed in your situation. 

Subject Analysis ($275)


  • U.S. equivalence for each educational credential
  • Credit and grade equivalents for university level courses
  • Grade average for each educational credential
  • Identification of upper-level courses for undergraduate or professional studies
  • General evaluation of high school level credentials (without a grade average), if included for evaluation
  • Specific information regarding course content as required by Excelsior College

Price: $275

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Documentation Requirements

In addition to other documentation requirements, we require a syllabus or other type of course descriptions to be submitted for all post-secondary academic subjects.

Documentation Requirements By Country

Review your specific documentation requirements by selecting your country or region of education below.