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Our Expert Credential Evaluation Team

We feel lucky to do what we do!

We know that our work is important to our customers. Because of our efforts, people can pursue new opportunities, and everyone benefits from their contributions to our society. Thank you for entrusting us with that responsibility.

Meet some of the members of our team...

Alison Zaharias poses confidently in a leopard print blouse and black pants.
Alison Zaharias enjoys Sour Patch Kids while casually reading a book.
Alison Zaharias

Atlanta born, Milwaukee raised. History buff, candy connoisseur, and self-appointed expert on the Simpsons.

Amy Kawa stands with a friendly smile, wearing a sleeveless navy top and denim jeans.
Amy Kawa beams holding a stack of travel books including guides on Rome and France, and '501 French Verbs'.
Amy Kawa
Senior Manager of Evaluation

Master of useless knowledge. French and Italian-speaking. Seeking craft brews and authentic travel experiences.

Amy Ullrich smiles confidently, hands on hips, in a sheer-sleeved black blouse and gray jeans.
Amy Ullrich holds up her passport, ready for travel, in a chic black blouse with a patterned purse.
Amy Ullrich
Senior Manager of Evaluation

World traveler who loves coming home to MKE. Global food and film enthusiast, lover of French and Islamic art.

Ashley Johnson stands with arms crossed, sporting a comfortable blue top and a cheerful smile.
Ashley Johnson captures a moment with a disposable camera, dressed in a casual blue shirt.
Ashley Johnson
Order Fulfillment Associate

Cosplayer who enjoys painting, reading, and pointing out whenever there are dogs walking by.

Bingo Support Bot with interconnected colored nodes.
Bingo Support Bot showcasing interest in fishing and travel.
Support Bot

Cat-loving avid ice fisher and traveler who LOVES to help. No need for sleep for this upbeat bot!

Chris Conard with arms crossed, wearing glasses and a black polo shirt.
Chris Conard holding a smiling baby, both enjoying the moment.
Chris Conard
Document Specialist II

Green Bay Packers Quarterback. ELO Drummer. Part-time animated plumber.

Dan Agacki in a playful, animal-patterned shirt, confidently posing with arms crossed.
Dan Agacki sipping coffee and wearing headphones, in his light blue shirt.
Dan Agacki
Document Specialist Supervisor

Musician, skateboarder, freelance writer, and continuous seeker of knowledge.

David Jarvela poses with hands in pockets, wearing a plaid shirt and khaki pants.
David Jarvela shares a grin, holding a snack, in a casual gray plaid shirt.
David Jarvela
Research and Knowledge Evaluator

Loves LavAzza, the subjunctive, microcuentos, Moonage Daydream, Flanders Red Ales, & Grana Padano.

Fritz Peterson, in professional attire, offers a warm and confident smile.
Fritz Peterson balances a potted plant and books, ready to nurture growth.
Fritz Peterson
Institution Support Specialist

Soft spoken, loves fashion, jewelry and interior design. A certified plantaholic, DIYer and a proud Filipino.

Harmony St. Laurent stands hands-on-hips in a casual tee and teal skirt, exuding confidence.
Harmony St. Laurent presents a colorful mug with a joyful smile.
Harmony St. Laurent

Born and bred in Milwaukee. Cooking, pop culture, and rock and roll enthusiast.

Heidi Ames posing with a warm smile, hands clasped in front of her, wearing a beige cardigan and white top.
Heidi Ames holding a coffee cup and a tablet conveying love for coffee and tech.
Heidi Ames
Director of

Proud daughter of German immigrants. Passionate about mission work. Loves animals, tech, and time at the cottage.

Jade Jiang Rieger posing with her hand on her hip, wearing a stylish black, white, and yellow sweater.
Jade Jiang Rieger holding a stand of various national flags including the American, German, and Chinese flags
Jade Jiang Rieger
Senior Manager of Evaluation

Multilingual Chinese country girl, historic architecture enthusiast, nature lover, self-confessed perfectionist.

Jim Meyers in professional attire with a purple shirt and patterned tie, standing with his hands clasped.
Jim Meyers holding an old newspaper article featuring a black and white photo of a man.
James Meyers
Senior Evaluator

I thrive under pressure and enjoy my down time with family. Haz el bien sin mirar a quien.

Zachary Holochwost stands confidently in a grey suit and blue striped tie, with a pleasant smile.
Zachary Holochwost in a playful pose, holding drumsticks and making an excited face, showcasing his tattooed arms.
Zachary Holochwost
ECE® Aid and
Market Research Manager

Drums, vinyl, friends and family. Also, sci-fi, politics, and history paired with strong coffee.

Karen Krug, smiling contentedly with her arms crossed, is wearing a cozy teal sweater paired with a black skirt.
Karen Krug engaged in reading an old book, wearing a pastel yellow top with floral embroidery.
Karen Krug
Research & Knowledge Evaluator

Wisconsin girl who's lived in four countries. Loves reading, writing, crafts, and climbing mountains.

A friendly portrait of Kelsey Ward with hands on hips, sporting a green shirt and a stylish necklace.
Kelsey Ward laughs while holding a set of teeth toys in her crossed arms, wearing a khaki green button-up shirt.
Kelsey Ward

Avid reader, mother of two active boys, who loves talking... about international education *smile*

evin DeMars looking relaxed in a blue and grey plaid shirt, with a slight smile.
Kevin DeMars with a whimsical expression, a Kermit the Frog toy perched on his shoulder, wearing a blue plaid shirt.
Kevin DeMars
Evaluation Associate Specialist

Enjoys a good lake, the occasional bonfire, and a healthy stack of French Toast.

Professional image of Lauren Usma, arms crossed, wearing a smart black plaid blazer over a white top.
Lauren Usma grinning while holding a stack of books, with a hen perched on her arm, dressed in a denim jacket.
Lauren Usma
Client Solutions Manager

Backyard chicken farmer, avid reader, and true crime aficionado who is throughly delighted by the color pink.

Leigh Lane Peine with arms crossed, wearing glasses, a silver necklace, and a casual grey top.
Leigh Lane Peine in a playful running pose, wearing a white 'Stronger Peloton' tank top, jeans, and a cap.
Leigh Lane Peine
Senior Director of Marketing
& Client Solutions

Loves her amazing kid. Obsessed with Peloton. Inspired by The Starfish Story. Watches too much TV. Never too many cats.

Madison Majors stands confidently in a chic black dress with white polka dots, her hands resting on her hips.
Madison Majors holding a 'Cat Mom' mug and a stack of books, with a wide smile, dressed in a black polka-dot dress.
Madison Majors
HR Generalist

Frequent concert-goer who loves a good cup of coffee paired with pastries, early morning runs, and a good read.

Kimberly Hajec in a black cardigan over a maroon dress, accessorized with a unique necklace.
Kimberly Hajec smiles brightly, holding a mason jar with seashells and a coastal-themed photo canvas, wearing a black cardigan.
Kimberly Hajec
Director of Client Solutions

Animal lover, coffee enthusiast, and future beach bum. Believes in the power of positivity, faith, and karma.

Majka Drewitz with a charming smile, arms folded, wearing a teal sweater and a cream-colored skirt.
Majka Drewitz having fun looking through a magnifying glass, with a teal sweater.
Majka Drewitz
Senior Manager of Information and Knowledge

Fraud detective and genealogy enthusiast. Educated on two continents. Loves languages, travel, and nature.

Margaret Wenger in a green sleeveless top and black pants, hands on hips with a confident stance.
Margaret Wenger with a thoughtful pose, balancing a blue book on her head, wearing a lime green sleeveless top.
Margaret Wenger
Senior Director
of Information and Knowledge

I like solving puzzles and doing research. Being outdoors and traveling help me relax.

Margit Schatzman in professional attire, with a tailored black blazer over a bright blue sweater and a bead necklace.
Margit Schatzman holding a vibrant blue and green quilt and a spool of thread, smiling in a coordinating blue sweater.
Margit Schatzman

My recycled silk quilts reflect my immigrant family history and all refugees - strong, resilient, beautiful and welcoming.

Mary Dumke standing confidently with arms crossed, dressed in a blue sweater with a unique mushroom-print skirt.
Mary Dumke playfully balancing a pink bicycle helmet on her head, wearing a bright blue sweater with a lace collar.
Mary Dumke
Senior Evaluator

Francophile who delights in crosswords in pen at local coffee shops and long runs along Milwaukee’s lakefront.

Matthew Holochwost with hands in pockets, sporting glasses and a plaid shirt.
Matthew Holochwost casually tossing a baseball up in the air, wearing a short-sleeved plaid shirt with a smile.
Matthew Holochwost

Husband, traveler, historian. Museum denizen. Lover of strong coffee. Avid baseball fan.

Melissa Ganiere, hands on hip, in a sleek black blouse adorned with a stylish necklace.
Melissa Ganiere laughing joyously, entangled in a mass of gray networking cables, sporting a black top and a necklace.
Melissa Ganiere
Client Solutions Manager

An (almost) 5.12 rock climber who loves life, laughing, languages, learning...and alliteration.

Michael Payne smiling in a blue polo shirt, hands casually in his pockets.
Michael Payne carrying a hefty stack of books, dressed casually in a blue polo shirt.
Michael Payne
Care Specialist

Writer, poet, 90's R&B aficionado, INTJ, Duke Blue Devil fan, and father. Not in that order.

Nick Kelley looking smart in a light blue shirt and burgundy tie, with a friendly and approachable demeanor.
Nick Kelley with an amusing expression, clutching a white mug with 'RR' on it, in a light blue dress shirt and burgundy tie
Nick Kelley

UW Oshkosh alumnus obsessed with film, podcasts, and comics. If I’m not at work, I'm probably at a comic con.

Sheree Yates in a professional portrait, wearing a blue sweater and smiling warmly at the camera.
Sheree Yates proudly holding a Green Bay Packers-themed blanket and bobblehead, with a bright blue sweater.
Sheree Yates SHRM-CP, PHR,
Senior Director of Human Resources

With a year off I would travel the world. I LOVE Packers football and chocolate. Family comes first.

Timothy Kell with a friendly smile, arms crossed, dressed in a green and blue plaid shirt.
Timothy Kell smiling with confidence, holding a yellow and black DeWalt drill, wearing a green plaid shirt.
Timothy Kell
Senior Evaluator

My hands are usually dirty from fixing things and working on projects around my house.

Thomas Robinson in a friendly stance, wearing a blue checkered shirt with a charming smile.
Thomas Robinson playfully pointing at a vintage yellow metronome, wearing a blue checked shirt.
Thomas Robinson

Father, soccer player, musician, music teacher. Always working on a home project.

Marybeth Gruenewald with arms crossed, sporting a blue blazer and a patterned scarf.
Marybeth Gruenewald joyfully displaying an open magazine featuring David Bowie, dressed in a smart blue blazer."
Marybeth Gruenewald
Director of
Global Initiatives

International academic exchange fan. Addicted to reading and cinema. David Bowie aficionado.