Why ECE?

You should expect your credential evaluation service to provide the minimum requirements:

  • NACES membership
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Reports based on thorough research
  • Decades of experience
  • Accuracy and consistency
  • Good customer service

We pride ourselves on providing all this and more. With ECE, you won't receive good customer service - you'll receive exceptional customer service! Our full-time customer service staff answers questions and advises clients and applicants before, during and after the evaluation process. ECE's rigorously-trained evaluation staff, extensive resources, and dedication to quality and fairness combine to provide a report product that is second to none. And we offer all of this while maintaining the highest ethical standards - ECE even won a 2017 Better Business Bureau runner-up Torch Award for Ethics! 

With ECE you get:

Outstanding customer service: We encourage calls. We offer online chat. All messages are returned within 24 hours. Our full-time customer service staff is here to help.

Commitment to excellence, integrity and care: These core values are integral to everything we do.

Rigorous standards: ECE prepares reports based on the documents considered official in the country in which they were issued. We require the most secure and reliable educational documentation available. But, we know that there can be challenges in some countries. Therefore, our documentation requirements (link) vary by country.

Industry leader: Since 1980 ECE has continually developed our expertise with an evaluator staff that has over 250 years of combined experience, an unsurpassed reference library of over 32,000 publications and files, and service to more than 600,000 applicants.

Nonprofit, public service organization: We are dedicated to serving our customers, sharing knowledge with the industry, giving back to those in need, and keeping our costs competitive.

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