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ECE® Transnational Discount

Are you considering study in both the U.S. and Canada?  Or did you order an ECE® Report for study in the U.S. and are now looking at schools in Canada, perhaps for graduate studies? Whatever your situation, if you order (or have previously ordered) a report for either a U.S. or Canadian equivalency and now need a report for the other, have we got an offer for you!  

The ECE® Transnational Discount gives you 30% off of one report!  A diverse group of five students sitting side by side, smiling with study materials in hand.

The terms and conditions below provide the details.  But let’s break it down.

  • The Transnational Discount involves two reports, a report for U.S. institutions and a report for Canadian institutions. Once we issue the First Report, you become eligible to order a Second Report for 30% off the regular report fee.  
  • There are no hoops to jump through. The Transnational Discount will automatically be applied in your account and will remain available for 5 years from the completion of the First Report.
  • If you are a past ECE® applicant who has received a U.S. equivalency report in the last 5 years, your discount is already available to you if you order a report for a Canadian equivalency (or vice versa). For new applicants, the discount will be available in your account as soon as your First Report is completed and paid for.
  • The discount is applied one time only.
  • The discount applies only to the report fee for the Second Report, not rush fees, translation waivers, etc. 
  • The Second Report can be any report type.  For example, if you ordered a General Report for the U.S. equivalency, you can order a Course-by-Course Report for the Canadian equivalency. 

Questions?  Our friendly customer care staff is happy to help! 

Transnational Discount Terms and Conditions
The Transnational Discount (“Discount”) involves two reports: a Qualifying Report, and a Second Report. Once we issue a Qualifying Report, you become eligible to order a Second Report for thirty percent (30%) off the regular report fee, provided one is a U.S. Evaluation Report and the other a Canadian Assessment Report (in any order). 

A Qualifying Report can be a report completed in the future or one issued within the last five (5) years. If you become eligible for a Discount, we will post it to your account where you can then use it to order a Second Report. 

Discounts do not apply to rush, translation waiver, copy, or delivery fees. Discounts are non-transferable and limited to one per customer. Unused Discounts expire five (5) years after the Qualifying Report issue date. Institutions are ineligible for Discounts. We reserve the right to rescind a Discount after eligibility. This is a limited offer which may be discontinued at any time without notice.