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If you are an agent or someone working on behalf of an individual, you have several options available in the foreign education assessment process. Follow the steps below that best describe you.

Helping an Individual 

If you are helping an individual gather information and/or helping an individual with the process of ordering an evaluation report, but the individual will place the order, pay, and submit his or her own documents, follow the steps under the Individual section. S/he will be able to order copies of the report in the future,

  Individual Agent
Pay yes no
Order yes no
Submit documents yes no
Able to order copies in the future  yes no

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Ordering on Behalf of Another Person

If you are ordering, paying, and submitting documents for a report on behalf of one or more individuals, we recommend you create an ECE® Dispatch account. If this situation applies to you, you will be able to order future copies of the report for the individual, but the individual will not be able to order his or her own copies. 

  Individual Agent
Pay no yes
Order no yes
Submit documents no yes
Able to order copies in the future?  no yes

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Paying for Another Individual's Report

If you are paying for another individual's report, but the individual will place the order and submit his or her own documents, you should follow the steps under the Individual section. (Please note, even if you are paying for another individual's report, only the indiviual will be able to order copies of the report in the future.)  Invoicing and coupons are available as payment options. Contact Customer Service for more information.

  Individual Agent
Pay no yes
Order yes no
Submit documents yes no
Able to order copies in the future?  yes no

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95% of students and professionals who had their foreign academic credentials evaluated by ECE were happy with their experience.*

Here's what others are saying:

"Just received my report and I HAD to write the review!!! I would give 10  if I could!!!!
The entire process was just AMAZING! I first called and the phone was answered right away. I completed the request online and sent my original diploma. I had a few questions during the process which were answered patiently and promptly by phone or online!
My report was ready in about one week!
Received it along with originals!!!
Detailed report looking very presentable !!! ready to go!!!

Anna T. (Yelp Review)

"I just received my evaluation, I couldn't have been happier thanks to ECE. I got nervous and afraid to lose my transcript and degrees, so I called them. The operator was professional and polite, she responded to all my questions. Good luck to everyone and welcome to America."

Fatiha L. (Yelp Review)

"I understand the other reviewers' concerns regarding transparency. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as well. However, personally for me, service was prompt, courteous, and incredibly smooth. They were very accommodating and understanding. (Master's degree from South Korea)

Thanks, ECE! You'll continue to have my business."

Harry S. (Facebook Review)

"My experience was amazing. Because of the evaluation and certification from ECE, I was able to work in my field here in USA. A new horizon of opportunities were opened for me. For this, I recommended ECE as a very good company to perform the "Credential Evaluation" for my friends and relatives who live here in USA. Thank you very much ECE"

Hugo M.

"I used their service a while ago to evaluate my transcript from overseas, didn't have any problem with them. After a while, I needed another copy of my evaluated transcript. After I sent my request I realized I needed rush service. So I sent them an email to see what could I do. They replied my email very quickly and clearly. They helped me to place a new order.
It was a good experience overall. I recommend using their service."

Samaneh S. (Yelp Review)

*From a 12/17 survey conducted by Intead International Advantage, LLC, Salem, MA, for ECE. Results based on responses from 1,105 recent ECE applicants.