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GPA Calculator: Why you won’t find a GPA calculator on our website

The truth is there is no simple GPA calculation for any country.
January 16, 2023
2 Minute Read

A GPA calculator is no substitute for an accurate credential evaluation report. We provide a GPA that universities accept. Learn here what we offer.

male in a blue shirt pointing to a GPA calculator with a red line through it

We understand you want to quickly see what GPA your grades equate to in the United States or Canadian system. 

The truth is there is no simple GPA calculation for any country. 

There are too many factors to consider, and we’d be doing you a disservice by providing a quick GPA. 

Education systems change. 

Because of that, we need to research where and when you went to school, the courses and program you studied, the level of your education, and the educational system in your country at the time you attended.  

We believe in being honest and fair. 

That’s why we assess your education so we can give you the proper equivalency. 

Instead of a GPA calculator we offer:

  • An accurate credential evaluation of your education. 
  • Expert evaluators. Our credential evaluations are backed by experienced evaluators. ECE® evaluators have an average of 14 years of experience. Together, our evaluators have more than 400 years of combined experience. If you need to, you can even communicate with the evaluator who prepared the report.
  • Personalized reports. We’ve been researching educational systems and storing these records in our archives for 40 years. Evaluators have access to our library of 40,000 documents from around the world to help them prepare a report based on your educational experience, not anyone else’s.
  • Fast turnaround. We provide credential assessments quickly to meet your needs.

The reason so many colleges and universities trust ECE® Evaluation Reports is because our reports closely mirror the GPA that evaluators at colleges and universities calculate in their own admissions offices.

Your goal is to show an admissions officer most accurately what your educational background is so they can decide if you’d be able to handle classes at their institution.

ECE provides exactly what universities are looking for. We provide a GPA that universities accept.     

Do your research, check our reviews, and find out what others said about us. 

We’re at your service to prepare an accurate credential evaluation report and look forward to working on your behalf.