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Finding an Architecture School in Canada

Selecting an architecture program in Canada is a huge decision. But you can make the process a little easier by knowing where to start. 

One resource you’ll want to visit is the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC). There you’ll find information on the history of architecture, what the trends are, and the future of the industry. 

Importantly for you, they describe what work architects perform on a daily basis, what it takes to be an architect, and how to become an architect.

You’ll also learn what kind of education and background you need and the roles available once you graduate with your architectural degree.

Become a Certified Architect in Canada

Architects in Canada must be certified. The Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) is the voice of architects in Canada, and it’s your link to becoming a certified architect.

There are 11 accredited university schools of architecture in Canada approved by the CACB. Study each of the schools carefully to discover the program that will be the best fit for you.   

You may also qualify for an apprenticeship program. Be sure to check your options. 

If you are a working architect in another country and would like to be certified in Canada, there are paths you can take to make it happen. 

The Importance of the Educational Credential Assessment

Once you decide on an architecture program don’t forget to order an educational credential assessment and have it sent to your school of choice. This report will provide a Canadian equivalency for your academic achievements.

An assessment is often required for students who studied outside of Canada. Check with the admissions office at the school to which you are applying and find out their requirements and to determine the best assessment report for your situation.

We wish you the best in your architectural studies and your career as an architect!

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