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Report Acceptance Guarantee

Our Report Acceptance Guarantee* allows you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that the ECE® Report will be accepted by the Canadian institution of your choice or your money back. 
Your goal is to be accepted into college or university, and we want to help. However, if the school doesn’t accept the report, you may be eligible to receive your money back.

To be eligible for a refund under the Acceptance Guarantee:    

  1. Your Report order must include at least one Report copy (“Copy”) designated for direct delivery to a higher education institution in Canada (“HEIC”);
  2. An HEIC receiving a Copy directly from us must reject it (i.e., decline to use it in an admissions/transfer decision);
  3. Within ninety (90) calendar days of the Report issue date, you must contact us and provide the name and direct contact information of an admissions official at the HEIC that rejected a Copy; AND
  4. After we contact the admissions official directly, the HEIC still will not use the Copy.

To request a refund, we ask that you follow these steps:

  1. Contact our Customer Service team via LiveChat.
  2. Let us know that the report was not accepted by the Canadian institution to which we sent it and that you want to request a refund.
  3. Provide the name of the school and the name and contact information of the person who refused the report. 

Once you provide ECE with the required information, we will contact the institution to find out why the report was not accepted. We will work with the institution to try to change their position and accept the report. 

Our customer service team will contact you within five business days from receiving your information to let you know whether:

     1. The report was accepted, and you can continue your admissions process.  No refund is necessary.


     2. If an institution, one or several, that received a report copy rejected it, you are eligible for one of the following choices: 

             a.  Receive a full refund of all fees paid for the order. This will cancel and inactivate the report and you must place a new report order for any future copies.
             b.  Receive a partial refund for copy and delivery fees only and keep the report active allowing you to order additional copies for 5 years.  

For refunds, please allow 14 days to see the credit on your credit card statement. Thank you for choosing ECE. We wish you the best for your education.  

*Terms and Conditions apply; see Report application form.