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ECE® Aid recipient stories from Nepal

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Anik, ECE Aid recipient

ECE® credential evaluations allow people educated in other countries to have their past academic achievements recognized when pursuing their goals in the U.S.

Anik came to the U.S. from Nepal with a bachelor of dental surgery and a zeal for perfecting his skills at an American university. However, the price tag for an evaluation proved to be another barrier in the somewhat complicated university application process.

Luckily for Anik, the university he was applying to awarded him an ECE® Aid fee waiver. 

"The USA is one of the most developed and advanced nations in terms of research and innovation, and this is the result of a well-established education system. So it's a privilege to be part of the best education system one can get. Although the application process can be hectic, one of the hassles was converting my GPA to USA equivalent. ECE provided a major helping hand in this aspect. Not only did they have a straightforward system to evaluate my international transcript, but also with a click of a button they were able to send my official evaluation report electronically to the various universities where I was applying. And being from a developing country, there was less burden on me financially with the ECE® Aid fee waiver. ECE played an important part in my application process and being accepted to my desired program, and I am thankful for that." - Anik