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Our entire library of ECE® e-Learning recordings are now FREE!
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Foreign credential evaluation services take a trained eye to be done successfully. Our training and support resources allow you to: 

  • Develop an understanding of the basics of degree evaluation services
  • Keep up with the latest credential evaluation industry trends
  • Get answers to any transcript evaluation questions you encounter

Take advantage of our interactive webinars and in-depth industry publications to stay up-to-date with this ever-changing industry. 


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ECE® Connection

ECE® Connection is devoted to providing resources and training for anyone who works with foreign education credentials, including news, message boards, helpful websites, books, videos, and more.

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ECE® Connection Advantage 

ECE® Connection Advantage gives you access to premium ECE® Connection resources, including many of our recorded e-Learning sessions.

Now subscribers also have access to Sample Documents!

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ECE® e-Learning 

Improve your credential evaluation skills. Our online training program helps you understand educational systems and academic credentials from around the world.

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ECE® Pronto

You and your staff work hard, and sometimes there just aren’t enough people in the office or hours in the day. That’s when ECE® Pronto can help.


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ECE® publications can help you develop skills needed to make informed foreign education systems admissions, placement, and licensure decisions.

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