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We realize that the application process for an ECE® report is a reflection on your students' overall application process. For that reason, we recommend providing specific directions on your application webpage, as well as in any outgoing communication to applicants.

For example, the following directions have worked well for other institutions:

As part of your [application / enrollment ] process, you must order an evaluation of your international education from Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE).

To apply, visit and select a:

[Select one, based on your institution's policy]

Please review the ECE® official documentation requirements carefully, as they vary by country.

You must designate [name of institution] as the recipient of a copy of the evaluation. The report will be delivered directly to us.

Any questions, contact ECE via LiveChat. 

Provide your students with the quickest way to get their credential evaluation process started by linking your website directly to ECE.

To insert a text link:


To insert the ECE® logo:

  • Use the code: <a href=""><img loading="lazy" class="animate-in" src="" alt="Educational Credential Evaluators" /></a>
  • ResultEducational Credential Evaluators