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How to comply with CLIA regulation and interpretive guideline §42 CFR 493.2 and CAP regulations GEN .55450 and GEN .54025

Do you have POCT staff educated overseas and need to comply with CLIA standards and CAP regulations?

Are you aware of the international credential evaluation requirement of the Personnel Evaluation Roster (PER)?

CLIA and CAP requirements for foreign trained personnel

The CLIA regulation and interpretive guidelines at §42 CFR 493.2 state, “Individuals who have degrees from foreign institutions must have an evaluation of their credentials to determine the equivalency of their education to an education obtained in the United States (U.S.). The equivalency evaluations should be on a course-by-course basis and may be performed by a nationally recognized organization. These may include such organizations as the National Association Credential Evaluation Services, Inc. (NACES) (”

ECE was a founding member of NACES in 1987 and has adhered to strict guidelines to maintain our membership. You can be assured that the evaluation report received is of the highest quality and integrity, and most importantly, ECE ® reports allow foreign-educated staff to meet CLIA §42 CFR 493.2 requirements.

Report Options

CLIA and CAP compliance is required no matter how long ago your internationally educated staff received their degrees. Especially for those who have been practicing for a long time, obtaining the necessary official documents can be challenging or even impossible.

ECE provides two report types that can alleviate this issue. 

  • ECE® Exclusive Use Report (ordered by the organization)
    • These reports are created solely for use at your organization and are based on documents that do not meet our standard documentation requirements. This can include photocopies or incomplete documents. They are ordered and paid for by the organization. 
  • ECE® Scholar Profile (ordered by staff individuals)
    • Like the Exclusive Use Report, these evaluations are based on documents that do not meet our standard documentation requirement, including photocopies or incomplete documents. They are ordered and paid for by the applicant. 

You keep the doors to your practice open when you comply with federal regulations. And you retain your well-trained and highly skilled staff when their international education is recognized as the valuable resource it brings to your organization. ECE supports healthcare managers preparing for accreditor inspections, compliance reviews, and new hires. Whether due to an internal policy or state or federal law, ECE has developed solutions especially for healthcare providers, medical laboratories, and private practices.

How is your valuable time best spent?

ECE supports healthcare managers preparing for accreditor inspections, compliance reviews, and new hires by providing fast, accurate, and cost-effective reports that fulfill the educational credential requirement for staff educated overseas. With a minimum amount of effort, you can rest assured that ECE has you covered so you can focus on more productive activities.  

Why ECE?

  • Industry-leading turnaround time of an average of five business days
  • Nonprofit status means competitive pricing
  • Secure, free electronic delivery system, ECE® Dispatch
  • Founding member of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)

Easy Process

The process for obtaining the necessary evaluations is easier than you might think. Here's how it can work for you.


ECE® Compliance: Healthcare Solutions example plan: 

  1. Collect academic documents from POCT staff educated outside the U.S.
  2. Upload the documents and place a bulk order for evaluations via your free ECE® Dispatch account.
  3. PDF's of educational equivalences will be available to download from Dispatch at your convenience, 24/7.
  4. Completed evaluations are stored in Dispatch for one year. They’re ready when needed for CLIA inspections, accreditation and more.
  5. Evaluations for newly hired staff can be ordered as needed. Recruit top talent knowing they have all the proper training to successfully fill the position. 

Let's work on your compliance audit plan together. For a review of your needs, please complete our inquiry form below. 

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As a way of ensuring that those working in a specific profession have the proper credentials for their field, many U.S. and international associations require an independent review of an individual’s academic record.

For years, ECE has proudly supported many healthcare associations, including:

✔ American Dental Association (ADA)

✔American Physical Therapy Association

✔ American Speech Language Hearing Association

✔ American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography

✔ American Medical Technologists

✔American Society for Clinical Pathology

✔ State Departments of Public Health

For example, learn how an ECE® evaluation report is required as part of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s FPGEC certification program for internationally-educated pharmacists.

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Based on your profession, the association responsible for your certification/licensure or your employer may require a credential evaluation report for any education completed outside the U.S.

To learn more about reports for professional licensure please click the button below.
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