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Image of Muhumure and family. Block quote: "Me and my family say thanks to ECE. Now I can see the future of my family [has] changed."

Through the ECE® Aid initiative we get to work with truly inspiring people like Muhumure. Last year we evaluated his Diplôme de Licence so he could apply to graduate school in the U.S. Spoiler alert: he was accepted and is currently enrolled at Sullivan University in Kentucky! However, his harrowing journey has been far from conventional.

Muhumure was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and grew up among civil war, genocide, and displacement. To escape from the trauma and violence, Muhumure's family fled to Burundi, a neighboring country in Eastern Africa and part of the Great Rift Valley. In Burundi, over the course of 15 years as a refugee, Muhumure grew up, graduated from high school, and completed his undergraduate studies at Université Espoir d'Afrique.

After 15 years of living as refugees in Burundi, the UNHCR finally placed Muhumure and his family in the U.S. When he arrived, Muhumure was understandably disoriented: "I was totally confused. I thought, 'How can I pursue my studies?'" Thankfully, a friend told him ECE could evaluate his degree in international business. Muhumure found assistance through Jefferson Community and Technical College, an ECE® Aid participant, and has now been able to continue his educational and professional journey.

"After my documents were evaluated by ECE, I have enrolled at Sullivan University in [their] master program. My family and I say thanks to ECE. Now I can see the future of my family [has] changed. Thank you a lot." - Muhumure