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They are helping people reclaim their dreams.

- Katy, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains

"In my role at LFS, I assist refugees, asylees, and victims of trafficking obtain employment in the United States. When refugees first arrive to the United States, they are expected to start working right away. Often times, this work doesn't align with what they were doing previously, and there is a strong sentiment of "starting over" that they all feel. It is not uncommon to see people with advanced degrees from their countries of origin going to work in entry-level jobs in the United States (e.g. packaging, housekeeping, and meat-cutting).

When I first learned of ECE® Aid, I was eager to establish a connection. Most refugee clients that I work with are unable to afford the cost of transcript evaluation and thus, they get stuck working in these entry-level positions. Since establishing a relationship with ECE® Aid five months ago, I have seen six clients submit their transcripts for evaluation. Two of them held master's degrees in teaching, one had her PhD in civil engineering, two held degrees in pharmaceutical sciences, and one held a degree in industrial design. When receiving their results, I witnessed something amongst all of them - a sense of reclaimed dignity and social status, and they were all able to plan for their future again. ECE® Aid made this possible, and for that, they are all eternally grateful. As am I.

ECE® Aid is not just helping with transcript evaluations. It is so much more than that! They are helping people reclaim their dreams. I truly cannot thank ECE enough." - Katy, Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains