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I want to be a teacher in America.

- Yasmeen, ECE® Aid recipient

ECE-Aid-Stories from Pakistan

As part of a minority group, Yasmeen along with her husband and two daughters decided they needed to leave Pakistan due to threats against them and safety concerns for their children. Their family fled their homeland and safely reached Sri Lanka. Yasmeen and her family patiently waited for almost four years after applying to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for asylum.

Finally, Yasmeen and her family were resettled in the United States and were assisted by Lutheran Family Services Rocky Moutains (LFSRM). Refugees are responsible for finding employment when they arrive in the United States, and Yasmeen wished to pursue a meaningful career. She had studied Political Science, while her husband had worked for an organization pursuing social justice, human rights advocacy, and cultivating peace. Case workers at LFSRM noticed Yasmeen’s academic degrees from Pakistan and awarded her an ECE® Aid fee waiver to help in searching for employment that would build on her education from her home country. 

"After help from ECE I can improve my study and achieve my goal; I want to be a teacher in America. I am grateful for this opportunity." - Yasmeen