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Thank you ECE for helping us make the dreams come true!

- Samiha and Batool, ECE® Aid recipients


Thanks to Winnebago County Literacy Council, we were able to work with Samiha and Batool, a mother and daughter who made the pivotal decision to come to the U.S. in 2016 from Syria.

Samiha is a qualified teacher, and her daughter is a student. Teaching is Samiha's passion and calling; she often dreamed of finding a job in the U.S. that would be in this field. Batool cherished the dream of continuing her college education in America. She was a student of art and design with an interior design major before being forced to leave Syria during her sophomore year in college.

After the family had settled in the U.S., their number one priority became pursuing their educational and employment goals. Samiha was actively interviewing, but the process of gathering the necessary documentation was tedious. For Samiha, there was no way to reach her educational establishment in Syria, and she knew without the proper credentials, finding her dream job was not possible.

Alternatively, Batool had all of her transcripts in place. But in order to apply to colleges and universities as a transfer student, she needed an evaluation report.

Thankfully, because of supporters like you and the relationship between ECE and Winnebago County Literacy Council, both Samiha and Batool received ECE® Aid fee waivers for their ECE® credential evaluations.

Samiha couldn't be happier. The professional ECE team came to help and took it into their hands to assist Samiha in acquiring the missing papers vital for the evaluation process. She received the evaluation report at the perfect time and was offered a position as a CLC classroom assistant with the Boys and Girls Club of Oshkosh.

Likewise, Batool was accepted to the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, to pursue her dream of becoming an Interior Designer.

"Thank you ECE for helping us make the dreams come true!" - Samiha and Batool