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Studying in the United States as a Nigerian Student

The United States is a popular destination for Nigerian students, for many reasons.
April 28, 2023
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The United States is a popular destination for Nigerian students, for many reasons. Read about some of them in this blog post.

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Nigerians in America and the Power of an ECE® Evaluation Report

Are you a hardworking and ambitious Nigerian immigrant looking to pursue better career opportunities in the United States? You're not alone! Nigerians are one of the largest and most educated African immigrant groups in the U.S., known for their determination and success in various professional fields, such as medicine, engineering, IT, and more.  

Where do you start?

As with any immigration journey, there may be challenges along the way. That's where an ECE® evaluation report can be a game-changer in unlocking opportunities and ensuring that your Nigerian education is recognized for its true value!

Nigerians in the United States are known for their high educational attainment, with over 60% of Nigerian immigrants aged 25 or older holding at least a bachelor's degree. However, translating your educational experiences to U.S. standards can be complex. That's where an ECE® evaluation report comes in handy. It provides a comprehensive assessment of your Nigerian education, helping you stand out in the competitive U.S. job market.

The importance of credential evaluation reports

It's not just about employment. If you aspire to apply for immigration to the U.S., having your Nigerian educational credentials evaluated can help demonstrate your eligibility for immigration programs that require a certain level of education.  

Nigerians in the U.S. live throughout the country, with the largest populations in Texas, followed by New York, California, and Maryland. These states offer diverse opportunities in terms of employment, education, and cultural experiences. For points-based immigration systems, education levels can earn you points towards a successful immigration application. An ECE® evaluation report can help you maximize your points and increases your chances of a successful immigration journey.

Nigerian immigrants in the U.S. are shaping trends and driving innovation in lucrative fields, from music to fashion, social activism to STEM. If you're looking to work or immigrate to the U.S., a credential evaluation may be the tool you need to bring your unique talents and perspectives to the forefront.  

Let us give you the confidence to pursue your dreams, whether it's landing your dream job, advancing in your career, or making a meaningful impact in your chosen industry. We hope to help you showcase your education and skills, your Nigerian heritage should be a source of pride and success in your American journey.

You Belong Here

If you’re from Nigeria and want to study in the United States, you won’t be alone. According to the Institute for International Education, more than 13,000 students from Nigeria are enrolled at colleges and universities in the United States. This represents a 70% increase in just five years.

Nigerian students are some of the most well-educated and best students in the U.S. according to the U.S. Census Bureau. They are well prepared to handle the academic rigors and can easily assimilate into student life.

Some of the most popular subjects for Nigerian students are:

  • Business Administration
  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
  • Sociology
  • Sustainable Development

Many students will stay in the U.S. post-degree, but many move back to Nigeria to help build that economy. listed the top schools for Nigerian students, and not surprisingly, many of these schools are located where Nigerian immigrants reside in large numbers. 
The states with the largest Nigerian population are Texas, New York, and Maryland. Houston, New York City, and Washington D.C. make up the largest metropolitan population. But don’t let this be the main factor in your decision. Choose the best program based on your goals. 

Applying for an F-1 Visa 

To study in the United States, you’ll need a F-1 visa. The U.S. Embassy & Consulate in Nigeria are processing a limited number of visa applications at this time.  The quickest and easiest way to learn about the process and apply for a visa is online at  

Obtaining a Credential Evaluation 

You’ll likely need a U.S. credential evaluation. This document provides a U.S. equivalency to your education in Nigeria. 

ECE’s best-selling report is the Course-by-Course Report, but find out what your school requires before ordering. ECE will send the report directly to the institutions you choose. 

Documents Required for a Credential Evaluation

Nigerian students who require a credential evaluation will need the appropriate documents. Review the requirements and then apply for your credential evaluation.

You can order a credential evaluation before you have all the documents, but the evaluator will not be able to begin preparing the evaluation until all documents have been received at ECE. 

Scholarships for Nigerian Students

Obtaining an education opens a world of economic opportunity like no other, but the costs are high. Many students will take loans or obtain scholarships to pay for their education. 

You may be eligible for several scholarships depending on your situation. You’ll find that many governmental and international organizations provide scholarships along with scholarships being awarded directly from universities

Take the time necessary to review the scholarships available to you. When you are ready to apply, be sure to thoroughly complete each scholarship application as directed. You don’t want to forfeit money, as a scholarship could be worth thousands of dollars.    

Getting an Education in the U.S. 

As a student in the U.S., you will be welcomed on campus. Enjoy the experience. It’s a time you will look back on fondly. Participate in extracurricular activities, get to know your classmates and professors, and explore the campus and city of your new home.  

Should you have questions about a credential evaluation, please contact our friendly and experienced customer care staff. We pride ourselves by doing right by our customers. 

Best wishes for a fulfilling university experience.