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Navigating the Student Visa Process

How Credential Evaluation Aids International Students
November 2, 2023
6 Minute Read

For international students seeking to study abroad, obtaining a student visa can be complex and challenging. Choosing to obtain a credential evaluation from ECE can simplify the whole student visa process.

Passport and visa stamp on a map, indicating travel documentation.

For international students seeking to study abroad, obtaining a student visa can be a complex and challenging process. In recent years, the issue of student visa fraud has gained significant attention. When an individual seeking to study abroad resorts to fraudulent means to secure a visa, it jeopardizes the integrity of the student visa system. The consular officers conducting the visa interviews are left wondering if the academic credentials presented to them are legitimate. They also must verify that the student has the appropriate academic background to attend the institution listed on their I-20 and confirm their non-immigrant intent.

Confirming eligibility.

How can a consular officer confirm the eligibility of a student when the average visa interview only lasts between 90 seconds to 3 minutes? When a student isn’t completely prepared, the consular officer often cannot confirm eligibility, and the student’s visa is denied.  

During the extremely quick interview, the student must convince the consular officer of their commitment to study in the U.S. They must show they only intend to study in the U.S. and that they will return to their home country at the conclusion of their studies. Students must prove that they have significant ties to their home country that requires them to return home. They must also prove they have the funding to complete their degree program in the U.S.

In just those few minutes, the fate of that student’s future is decided. The Consular Officer accepts or rejects a student visa using their best judgment with the information presented to them.

How, then, can a credential evaluation help students find success during their visa interview?

A credential evaluation assesses the authenticity of a student's foreign academic credentials, such as diplomas and transcripts. It also provides the equivalency according to the host country's educational system.

  1. Academic Equivalency: Many countries require international students to demonstrate that their foreign academic qualifications are equivalent to the local education system. A credential evaluation provides an official assessment that confirms this equivalency, helping immigration authorities understand the level of education the student has completed.
  2. Transparency and Clarity: The evaluation report provides a clear and standardized format for academic credentials, making it easier for immigration officers to understand the student's educational background. It minimizes confusion and ensures the documentation is well-organized and professional.
  3. Proof of Education: An official credential evaluation report serves as concrete proof of the student's academic qualifications. It can be submitted along with the visa application to demonstrate that the applicant meets the academic requirements for their intended course of study and that they are serious about their intent to pursue further education.

A credential evaluation can simplify the process.

Choosing to obtain a credential evaluation can simplify the whole student visa process. It enhances the transparency of academic credentials and helps show that students meet the necessary requirements for admission and visa approval. By working with a reputable evaluation company like ECE, international students can significantly improve their chances of securing a student visa to embark on their educational journey abroad.