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Meet the Team Nickie

Meet Nickie Meinolf, Digital Marketing Manager
April 17, 2024
5 Minute Read

Meet Nickie Meinolf, our Digital Marketing Manager at ECE. With diverse experience and a passion for making a difference, Nickie shares insights into her role, interests, and travel dreams. Through her story, we glimpse the vibrant culture and collaborative spirit that define ECE.

Meet the Team Nickie Meinolf

At ECE, our dynamic team consists of a variety of fascinating individuals who contribute to our shared identity. Through our compelling "Meet the Team" blog series, we seek to acquaint you with our outstanding staff, providing a glimpse into the unique personalities that define ECE. Come along as we explore the lives of our exceptional team members and uncover the essence of what sets ECE apart.

Meet Nickie.

Meet Nickie Meinolf, our Digital Marketing Manager. Having engaged with diverse markets such as art, manufacturing, grocery, and healthcare with a memorable assignment at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Nickie has now dived into the international education sector and truly appreciates our nonprofit organization that is dedicated to making a meaningful difference in the lives of those educated outside of the U.S. and Canada. Making a difference is important to Nickie, as she has served as President of Project Angel Hugs, a local initiative that is aimed at brightening the lives of children fighting cancer. Let’s find out more about Nickie!

Q & A Session.

Q: What do you do at ECE? What excites you most about your position and/or your team? 
As Digital Marketing Manager, I strategize, implement, and oversee long-term digital marketing campaigns to our target audience through our various digital platforms to enhance brand awareness, and drive traffic to the ECE website. Being responsible for the creation and management of the ECE website, social media content, email marketing, as well as monitoring and analyzing our key performance indicators keeps me busy! 

Our Marketing Team welcomed me so warmly from the start and helped make my transition into this role so easy. They are always ready to lend a hand and being super flexible with all the new digital tools I’ve introduced. And because I engage with multiple teams, I can’t help but be thrilled to be surrounded by such a wonderful bunch of coworkers---all so kind-hearted and friendly. 
And looking to the future of ECE and our industry, we are in some extremely exciting and challenging times! 

Q: What are three words that describe ECE's culture? 
Thoughtful, Fun, and Focused. 

Q: What’s one of your favorite activities when you’re not working? Tell us something that others might find surprising. 
I step away from the computer monitor and become a total bookworm! Like clockwork, every night, you’ll find me buried in a book for an hour or more before hitting the hay. And I highly recommend “Here on Earth” by Alice Hoffman. It explores beauty and the pain we are willing to endure for love. Yet, my real passion? Creative writing. There’s something magical about weaving words into a symphony, blending unexpected pairs to craft vivid and enchanting narratives.

Q: Where have you traveled inside or outside of the U.S.? Do you have a favorite country, city, or region that you like to visit? 
So far, my travels have taken me north to Toronto and south to Cancun. I’m itching to broaden my horizons even further. One of my ultimate dream destinations is to see the breathtakingly diverse landscapes of New Zealand. 

Q. ECE prides itself on our Halloween celebrations. What’s your favorite Halloween costume (at any age?) 
Oh gosh, that’s a ‘tricky’ question! If I had to pick, my 1920’s flapper costume soars to the top. That outfit was a total knockout, and let me tell you, I was rockin’ it back then. (ed. You still are, Nickie!) 

Lightening Round!

Q: Favorite Cuisine?
Anything with pasta!

Q. Vacation or Staycation? 
Now that my kids are older, traveling with them is so much fun. I love seeing the world through their eyes. 

Q. Netflix or Hulu?

Q. Night or morning?
Night—it’s my ME time. 

Q. Passenger or Driver?
Easily, the passenger. I do not enjoy driving.

Q. Camping or Glamping?
Glamping. I need my electricity! 

Q. Cooking or being cooked for?
Let’s just say that my husband didn’t marry me for my culinary arts. 

Q. Hot or iced coffee?
Why is iced even an option? 

Q. Reality shows or documentaries?
I like knowing the facts. 

We hope our "Meet the Team" blog series provides a window into the diverse talents and passions that shape ECE. Through these interviews we celebrate the unique individuals who contribute to our culture and drive our success. Join us as we continue to highlight the voices and experiences that make ECE truly exceptional.