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Meet The Team Sara

Meet Sara Washington, Evaluation Associate Specialist at ECE.
July 5, 2024
5 Minute Read

Meet Sara Washington, Evaluation Associate Specialist at ECE! She loves the supportive environment at ECE and thrives on teamwork. A travel enthusiast, Sara has explored Mexico, Jamaica, Canada, and many U.S. states, with Newport, Rhode Island, as her current favorite. An adventurous foodie, she adores Tabouli. Get to know more about Sara and other inspiring team members in our "Meet the Team" blog series!

At ECE, our diverse and talented team shapes our unique identity. In our "Meet the Team" blog series, we're excited to showcase our exceptional staff and offer a peek into the personalities that make ECE special. Come along as we explore the lives of our extraordinary team members and uncover what truly sets ECE apart.

Meet Sara.

Meet Sara Washington, Evaluation Associate Specialist at ECE. In this Q&A session, Sara shares insights into her background, her favorite aspects of working at ECE, and her love for travel and diverse cuisines. Join us as we dive into Sara's experiences and eclectic interests beyond the office walls.

Q & A Session.

Q: What's your background? What did you do before joining ECE?
I worked at a small private university in admissions, primarily focusing on international students. That previous experience has been beneficial in my role here at ECE.

Q: What do you like most about working at ECE?
Everyone at ECE is extremely helpful. Everyone operates as a team and wants to see you succeed.

Q: What are three words that describe ECE's culture?
Collaborative, Flexible, and Motivating!

Q: ECE prides itself on our Halloween celebrations. What’s your favorite Halloween costume (at any age)?
I love a good over-the-top scary costume! The scarier, the better. Something like a creepy clown.

Q: Where have you traveled inside or outside of the U.S.? Do you have a favorite country, city, or region that you like to visit?
I've been to Mexico, Jamaica, and Canada. I’m hoping to do a United Kingdom tour in the next few years. I’ve traveled to multiple states within the US. I love to explore new places. It is a passion. My current favorite is Newport, Rhode Island. I’m wondering how I can get my husband to move there!

Q: Do you have a favorite cuisine? If yes, a particular dish you love?
I truly enjoy all cuisine! I will try almost anything. I mean, anything. But my favorite dish is Tabouli. Tabouli is a salad of Lebanese origin consisting chiefly of cracked wheat, tomatoes, parsley, mint, onions, lemon juice, and olive oil. It’s delicious!

Lightening Round!

Q: Vacation or staycation?

Q: Netflix or Hulu?

Q: Night or morning?

Q: Passenger or driver?

Q: Be embarrassed or be afraid?
Be embarrassed

Q: City or country?

Q: Wine or beer?

Q: Camping or glamping?

Q: Cooking or being cooked for?
Being cooked for

Q: Attend a party or host a party?
Host a party

Q: Lose sleep or skip a meal?
Lose sleep.

Q: Sweating or shivering?

Q: Fiction or nonfiction?

Q: Hot or iced coffee?
Iced coffee.

Q: Patterned or plain?

Q: Reality shows or documentaries?

We hope our "Meet the Team" blog series provides a window into the diverse talents and passions that shape ECE.