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Elevating International Credential Evaluation

ECE is a proud member of NACES
February 5, 2024
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ECE values its charter membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES.) Dive into why ECE is a proud member of NACES and has a strong bond with its members.

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ECE values its charter membership in the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES.) In this blog, let’s dive into why ECE is a proud member of NACES and has a strong bond with its members. 

What is NACES?

NACES is a trade organization of independent, nongovernmental organizations which provide international credential evaluations to those individuals who have completed their education outside the United States’ borders. Many clients are educational institutions, professional vocational boards, immigration agencies, and employers. All NACES members must:

  • Accept and follow ethical standards related to transparent and honest business practices
  • Uphold the association’s Bylaws 
  • Comply to a yearly attestation process as well as a re-certification process

By a uniform code of ethics and professional standards, ECE can be assured that our fellow NACES members execute integrity in their business operations. 

Customer Care

ECE is all about giving our clients the customer care they deserve. Year after year, we practice outstanding customer service for individuals as well as institutional support. By knowing that fellow NACES members are adhering to a code of ethics, ECE can be assured that all international applicants are taken care of fairly, regardless of race, color, creed, age, impairment, sex, or ethnicity. 

NACES members must provide assessible and clear websites to help those applying for an evaluation report. Information such as their application procedures, types of reports available, and pricing must be outlined on the website. The professional evaluation staff of NACES’ members must be able to explain evaluation policies clearly and patiently to customers and have cross-cultural communication skills. ECE is confident that fellow NACES members treat their own clients in fair and reasonable ways. 

The Evaluator and the Evaluation Process

All professional evaluators that are employed by ECE are very capable and qualified to perform applied comparative education assessments. We follow stringent quality assurance standards. ECE® evaluators have an average of 12 years of experience, and we can boast over 500 years of combined credential evaluation expertise. We follow NACES Bylaws that require our Senior Evaluators to have a minimum of five years of full-time evaluation experience in addition to providing training and advisement to new evaluation staff. There is a methodology for assessing international qualifications which our professional staff follows. They demonstrate current and archival knowledge of global educational systems and their credentials and institution recognitions. Our reference library is well established and contains over 35,000 print and electronic resources. Our professional involvement in sharing our research with NACES’ members, to conference and workshop attendees, and to others who engage in credential evaluation is a condition to membership. 

How does this relate to NACES? The Bylaws which all NACES’ members pledge to follow contain these exact requirements that ECE abides by. Knowing that our fellow NACES associates in unison adhere to these Bylaws, Code of Ethics, and Professional Standards means that we all are in unison working within the applied comparative education field. We all value our customers, our research, our professional development opportunities, and our essential staff. ECE enjoys working together with NACES members to enhance the organization, shape the field, and be a leading authority in our global community.  

NACES Charter Member

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