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How Credential Evaluation Benefits Agents And Students

Having the right information can help you properly guide students
December 30, 2022
3 Minute Read

Need help getting your students through the admissions process? Learn the importance of credential evaluation and how a recruitment agent can use it.

Female recruitment agent sitting in an office with a student

All these questions are just one reason students come to you for help and guidance. As an agent, you’re well versed in the specific admission requirements of the institutions you work with, and if you don’t work with a particular institution, you know what questions to ask to make sure you’re helping your students. You’ve helped hundreds (if not thousands) of students apply for admission at universities all around the world. You are that guiding light for them to get them through this process and admitted to the school of their dreams. 

We know, though, that sometimes you may need help getting your students through the admission process. Maybe a school doesn’t understand the student’s credentials you submitted. Maybe a school miscalculated a GPA and denied your student admission. Maybe they didn’t give enough credit for previously completed university-level coursework. Or maybe a school just requires a credential evaluation to verify grading information and to authenticate credentials. 

That’s where a credential evaluation can help.

Credential evaluations validate education completed outside the United States and can offer a grade point average (GPA) calculation indicating how the GPA correlates on a U.S. grading scale. Certain evaluations can also calculate the number of credit hours a student has completed overseas. When making admission decisions, U.S. institutions can: 

  • Use this information to decide if a student is admissible.
  • Determine if a student qualifies for any merit-based financial aid and/or graduate assistantships. 
  • Help a U.S. institution determine if any transfer credit could be awarded, saving the student time and money towards their U.S. degree. 

How can a recruitment agent use a credential evaluation?

Credential  evaluations can help you (the agent) with information on a student’s academic profile. 

  • When helping students choose schools to apply to, knowing what their GPA is, how many credits they have completed, if their bachelor’s degree is equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree, etc., can help you counsel students in choosing schools that align with their academic achievements.
  • If receiving scholarships is a factor for your student, then knowing how well they have done academically can help you determine which schools may be able to provide them with the financial aid they need.
  • Also, knowing your student’s academic profile allows you to have preliminary conversations with admission officers at potential schools to help determine if your student is the right fit for that institution. 

The admission process doesn’t have to be overwhelming for you or your students. Having all this information can help you properly guide students