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Ordering Options for Recruitment/Education Agents and IECs

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ECE Has a New Report Just for Agents!

The NEW ECE® Agent Use report can be ordered by Agents on behalf of their students applying for admission to colleges and universities in the U.S or Canada.  

An ECE® Agent Use report…

  • Is a new report that you can order on behalf of your students through your new dedicated agent portal.
  • Is available in various report types to the U.S. or Canadian equivalency:
  • Gives you the ability to upload your students’ educational documents for processing.
  • Can be completed in an average turnaround time of five business days or less (can fluctuate during peak times).
  • Status is trackable in your Agent Portal.
  • Will be delivered to you electronically through the agent portal.
  • Can be sent to any college or university. Simply download the completed report and include it with other admissions documents.


  • General:  $85 USD
  • General with Grade Point Average:  $110 USD
  • Course by Course:  $155 USD
  • High School and University Level Course by Course (U.S. only):  $190 USD

ECE is proud to work with agents. We provide support to agents helping their students through the credential evaluation process with your dedicated Institution Support staff.

Get started by opening your Agent Portal account today. To register, go HERE. Please be ready to submit two references for ECE to contact. Once your reference check is complete and you are approved as a recipient of Agent Use reports, we will continue creating your Agent Portal account. 


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If you are an agent or someone working on behalf of an individual, you have two other options available in the foreign education assessment process.

Helping an Individual

If you are helping an individual gather information and/or helping an individual with the process of ordering an evaluation report, but the individual will place the order, pay, and submit his or her own documents, follow the steps under the Credential Evaluations section. They will be able to order copies of the report in the future.


Individual is:

✔ Paying

✔ Ordering

✔ Submitting documents

✔ Able to order copies in the future


Ordering on Behalf of Another Person

If you are ordering, paying, and submitting documents for a report on behalf of one or more individuals, we recommend you create an ECE® Dispatch account. You will be able to order future copies of the report for the individual, but the individual will not be able to order their own copies.


Agent is:

✔ Paying

✔ Ordering

✔ Submitting documents

✔ Able to order copies in the future


90% of students and professionals who had their foreign academic credentials evaluated by ECE were happy with their experience.*

Our quality and superior service reflect positively on each of the organizations that we work with.  And we’re happy to work with education agents/recruiters, independent educational consultants, pathway providers, and other organizations dedicated to helping international students find the right schools for them.

An ECE® credential evaluation report:

  • Helps drive discussions with students on realistic university options based on their ECE-calculated academic profile
  • Mitigates risk by helping to detect fraudulent academic documents
  • Is accepted and required by thousands of universities in the U.S. and Canada

Students and universities value cost, turnaround time, and quality.

  • ECE reports are competitively priced at $195 for a course by course.
  • The majority of reports are completed in an average of just 5 business days.
  • ECE’s outstanding reputation is based in part on evaluation staff with over 400 years of combined experience and an average of almost 14 years each.

*Results based on responses from 959 recent ECE® applicants from a 6/21 survey.