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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes ECE different from other companies?

ECE believes that achieving a balance between personal life and work life leads to engaged, productive, and satisfied employees. Consequently, ECE® staff are encouraged to seek fulfillment in all areas of their lives.

ECE was named one of the top small-medium sized Milwaukee companies to work for by the Business Journal of Milwaukee in 2008 and 2009.

ECE is an environmentally responsible organization. Our green initiatives are demonstrated through our environmentally friendly and energy efficient office design, our promotion of bike and bus ridership, and our recycling and electronic storage initiatives. We also developed and designed programs to foster environmental management practices in order to promote continuing environmental improvements.


What is ECE's organizational structure like?

ECE has a team organizational structure that incorporates staff involvement in decision making and problem solving. The office environment is a studious one in which employees often work independently.


What type of compensation package do you offer?

We offer a generous compensation package, including a competitive base salary, and comprehensive benefits. We offer seven paid holidays annually in addition to generous paid time off benefits. ECE offers opportunities for employees to further develop their professional skills through internal and external training, as well as offering flexible and/or remote work opportunities for qualified positions.


What skills do job seekers need to be successful at ECE?

ECE values employees with diverse & creative ideas, styles, and backgrounds. Successful employees share some common traits:

• Ability to work independently
• Attention to detail, demonstrated by accuracy and thoroughness in work
• Understanding and respecting differences across diverse global cultures
• Development of innovative approaches and ideas


What can job seekers expect of the ECE® recruitment process?

Each application and resume we receive is reviewed thoroughly. We acknowledge a candidate's time and effort in applying for a position and respond to all applicants who apply to our organization. ECE conducts a group interview process in which a job candidates generally meet with a three-member interview committee. There are two parts to our interview process: a traditional interview session, and an administration of skills tests related to the position for which the candidate has applied.


How can I learn more about opportunities within ECE?

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