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Sometimes it can be difficult or impossible for you to obtain the documents that would satisfy ECE’s usual country-specific documentation requirements.  The good news is that we have a solution – an ECE® Scholar Profile.

A Scholar Profile contains all the information that you would find in a standard ECE® report but is based on the documents that are available to you, including photocopies and scans. If at a later date the institution would like to have the official documents verified, ECE can upgrade the Scholar Profile to a standard report, or the institution may verify the documents in-house once they are available. 

The Scholar Profile is valid for five years. Unlike other ECE® reports, future copies are not available for purchase.

A Scholar Profile is NOT a substitute for a standard ECE® report if you are able to obtain your official documents. If you have or can obtain official documents, you should order a standard ECE® report.  


  • Choose a Scholar Profile if you have access to your official educational documents
  • Choose a Scholar Profile because it is less expensive than a standard report
  • A Scholar Profile will clearly state that it is based on unauthenticated documentation and may not be accepted by your chosen institution
  • Order without confirming with your chosen institution that they will accept this type of report, without the official documents
  • Send ECE paper documents if you are ordering a Scholar Profile


  • General Scholar Profile (Price: $85)
  • General with Grade Average Scholar Profile (Price: $110)
  • Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (Price: $155)
  • High School and University Level Course-by-Course Scholar Profile (Price: $190)

View Sample General Scholar Profile Evaluation (PDF)

View Sample General with Grade Average Scholar Profile (PDF)

View Sample Course by Course Scholar Profile (PDF)

View Sample High School and University Level Course by Course Scholar Profile (PDF)

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